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Gas Safety Inspection

The catering specific gas safety inspection ( CP42 ) inspects and confirms appliance gas tightness and operational suitability, gas supply rail and Caterflex hose compliance, functionality of safety features, performance of the extraction and ventilation system including the air quality readings, identifying Co2 levels, Safety isolation features and gas interlock performance.

Kitchen Appliance Maintenance & Repair

We offer kitchen appliance maintenance and repair, which covers a host of commercial catering equipment including microwave ovens to ensure your kitchen remains fully operational by way of planned maintenance or emergency repair.

Preventative Maintenance

We can also offer your sites a preventative Maintenance Contract: 

Maintenance (Type A) 

We visit your premises on predetermined dates to carry out a full check of all listed equipment. Following the visit a report will be sent to yourselves, itemising work undertaken and any further work or parts required, this would also include an estimate of additional costs. 

The frequency of visits is decided by yourself. We advise two visit per year, but you can request as many as you wish.

Labour Inclusive  (Type B) 

In addition to type A, labour for this year is inclusive in the contract price. This includes service and emergency call outs. It does not cover, false alarms, user error, faults caused by misuse or non breakdown calls. The labour covered by the contract is for work carried out during normal working hours, unless out of working hours has been previously agreed during the contract negotiation and written into the planned maintenance agreement. 

To request a preventative Maintenance quotation please do not hesitate to let us know. 


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How to log a call?

You can log a call via phone, email or text. During normal office hours (mon-fri) you can contact us by phone or email, out of hours or on weekends it is best to catch us on the emergency mobile phone, all the contact details you need are listed below…

Ritchie Office Phone: 01782 633 733 

Ritchie Service email: service@ritchies-ltd.com 

Emergency phone to call/text: 07976 766324