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Coffee Shop Boom

If the boom in specialty coffee tells us anything, it’s that customers are demanding a better-quality cup of coffee wherever they’re purchasing it. Never has the coffee-loving consumer been more interested in the origin of the green beans that go in to their beloved espresso or which cows supplied the expertly steamed, lightly textured milk that makes up their flat white. There is now a huge emphasis on the training of baristas, the upkeep of the coffee equipment and the crockery / glassware in which tea, coffee and chocolate is served. Serving good coffee in well-chosen crockery from an easy to decipher menu is a no brainer. The margins are good and if you’re able to convince a jolly decent chap / chappette that you are the go-to shop, they’ll come back again and again giving you regular cash in the till / contactless payments. See our great range in our Crockery & Glassware Section

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