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Milk First ?

Milk in first or milk in last?

It's a debate which has raged for centuries and it's showing no signs of slowing down. 

So – should you add the milk to the mug first or the tea to the mug first? Should you be a Miffy or a Tiffy?

When you're brewing in a mug, it's Tiffy all the way some say... Lets think about this all scientifically when you add cold milk to a brewed cup of tea, the temperature of the water lowers and the tea wont brew as well. So people saying you should never let milk and a tea bag touch could be actually good advice.

The experts say “To get the best infusion possible, black tea really needs freshly boiled water (as close to 100°C as possible). When you put milk into infusing tea you lower the temperature of the water so a proper infusion can’t take place. To get the best of your brew in a mug, always make the tea first to your taste and strength and the milk after.”

But what if you’re brewing in a teapot? Well, whether you’re a teapot Miffy or a teapot Tiffy is totally up to you. But there is a reason you might want to add the tea first.

The Experts say: “When using a teapot it’s really up to you as you’re not adding the milk to the infusion- but I think it’s best to pour tea first to judge the strength and add milk last.”


The experts say “.. ultimately, it’s what’s inside (the bag) that counts...”

The great thing about a perfect cup of tea is everyone has the "correct" way to make a cup, so stand up proud and exclaim I'm a Miffy or I'm a Tiffy and just enjoy that cup of tea. 

So you have the perfect cuppa. All of this now presents a new question to dunk or not to dunk?

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